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Sadistic Statistics (2012) - booklet (digital print, 42 pages, 14x21cm)

Sadistic Statistics doesn't have a simple or single meaning or purpose. It is simple and coherent in form as a small booklet. Starts with an introduction and follows with a series of diagrams on each page, which come from my brain waves, my voice and stress level. In the introduction section of the book, I talk about mathematics, nature, substitutive instrumentality, fictive observations, mapping sadism, transition and translation, voices of catastrophes, ratios of movement, obsessions and measurement. 'Statistical diagrams are heart breakers', because they are proofs, objects of evidence and truth. A diagram is a rigorous fact that must necessitate the truthfulness of its argument. Is there a fetishistic relationship between science, diagram and truth? In the book I have put different energies next to each other, as ghosts of what they might represent. In the introduction I try not not to detach the factuality and scientificity of the diagrams, and I do not say that they are computer generated.

© 2014 Sina Seifee