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PARS VIDEO - Iranisch-post-exit-persischen-P66-Abend (2014) - event for video, performance, music, reading, dance-workshop , in collaboration with Nazgol Emami, Mona Kakanj, Alisa Berger, Ali Chakav, Sanaz Azizi

Conceived in cooperation with Projekt66 Off-Space Projektraum

persischer Abend is an event organized by a group of young Iranian artists in Köln. The Abend is a step for the group to learn how to bring people together, cultivating desire and nurturing art. The event is driven by the idea of cultural identity, its deconstruction, multiplicity of voices, and the impossible task of national representation. There has to be already a desire and curiosity for the otherness of Iranians in the city of Köln, otherwise such gesture of invitation would not be possible.

The event consists of an introduction by Mona Kakanj, Sanaz Azizi, and Sina Seifee, a reboot of a performative style in the class of TV shows in Iran that consists of improvised or recited poetry and traditional music; a short-film screening by Nazgol Emami and Sina Seifee, Filmsuper, a mix of found-footage material of videos uploaded by Iranians on the internet and the popular cinema of Iran in the 60s; a lecture performance by Ali Chakav and Sina Seifee, Anatomy of a Paradox, live electronic music and speech about the paradoxes of logic, life, history, and Iran; a dance workshop of Iranian party-dance by Sina Seifee and Mona Kakanj with the assistance of Ale Bachlechner and Lena Ditte Nissen as advanced students.

Introduction by Mona Kakanj, Sanaz Azizi, and Sina Seifee at 'persischer Abent', Projek66 2014 Köln. The intro. is a recreation of a performative style from the TV shows of Iran, made of improvised or recited classical poetry and traditional music. Screening at 'persischer Abent', Projek66 2014 Köln Stills from video FIlm-Super by Nazgol Emami and Sina Seifee at Iranisch-post-exit-persischen-P66-Abend, 2014.<br /> The video reviews the performance of happiness between Iranians in the illegal uploads of very different cultural moments. In the current discourse of the public life in Iran where sadness and grief has become the gesture of loyalty to the state, these social projections gain new aesthetic and political meaning. Sanaz Azizi performing Haarentfernung at 'persischer Abent', Projek66 2014 Köln Lecture sound performance 'Anatomy of a Paradox' by Ali Chakav and Sina Seifee in PARS VIDEO (Iranisch-post-exit-persischen-P66-Abend) Projekt66, Köln, December 2014

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